Scrap my car – How much to scrap my car?

How much to scrap my car?

Its completley free to scrap your car, it doesnt matter whether its broken down or up your garden path its always completley free.

In fact SCL Scrap cars will pay you for your car, the price is determined by the weight of the car and if it has aluminum wheels.

If your car is relatively new you may get a better price as these cars can be repaired or used for parts to repair other cars.

What ever happens to your car the Dvla will notified and the car taken out of your name so your not paying fines or road tax after the sale.

If you would like a price for your car you can get an online quote at Scrap my car

or call one of the friendly operators on 08007022137

For a more detailed explanation on scrapping you car go Scrap my car

Also you can see all the previous customers reviews at Scrap my car

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